Our Video Camera Got Wet

It appears that video cameras don’t like water as much as seals….. We are lucky enough to be able to see more seals today but we can’t share the videos today…. maybe if the camera drys out a little we’ll be back in action 🙂 Here’s a nice video someone uploaded a few years ago

Sunny Scotland!

Who would have guessed it?! Scotland and England have had the most sunny days in a row since 1976! In south England there were 11 weeks of sunshine with about 2 and a half hours or rain. …. For our land lubbing friends that means hose pipe bans and dry lawns but for us it means a lot or time spent swimming and a lot of icy cold gin and tonic. Luckily Arran had a good supply of limes!


Welcome to my new website!

Hi. Welcome to Carrabelle Charters. We hope to hear from you on any suggested voyages of adventure! We will be sailing around Scotland and England picking up interesting new friends along the way to join us on the water for a while!