Our Trip to the Chilean Fjords on the Cordillera Darwin Glaciers

We started our journey for 7 days of trekking and kayaking adventure aboard our trusty sailboat through the Fuegian channels in southern Chile, precisely the most coveted point by sailors from all over the world, a perfect, unique place called the Cordillera Darwin.

Departing from the city of Ushuaia (Argentina), we plow through the icy waters of the Beagle Channel to Puerto Williams (Chile) to complete the paperwork for entry migration to Chile aboard our Sailboat. For 7 unforgettable days, we toured the stormy Beagle Channel and made entertaining kayaks and trekking landings while inhospitable landscapes invaded our lives.

We slowly leave Puerto Williams behind, observing its location at the foot of Navarino’s teeth – a beautiful city and its surrounding forests in the very early hours of the morning –  bound for the Cordillera Darwin.

We arrived on day two after 10 hours of navigation a few kilometers from the Spain Glacier where the Ksar Sailboat sought a quiet and relaxed anchorage to spend the night with a good dinner.

The next day the adventure begins a kayak landing from the anchor of the sailboat to the Spain glacier. Rowing through the majestic fjord between the blocks of ice coming from the glacier break with the constant accompaniment of the Sailboat is a unique adventure. It is felt as one approaches the glacier as the ambient temperature begins to drop. The stunning peaks of Mount Darwin are white with ancient ice and snow – a place where very few humans ever arrived.

After spending the whole day in the water in the kayak we returned to the sailboat, while on the deck of the sailboat we noticed the majesty of the natural space we left for the Pia Fjord.

Here you can descend to land to do trekking of medium difficulty to see fauna and landscape. This time we did not do it due to weather issues that were not favorable and we decided to head for Puerto Williams to migrate again and return to the beautiful city of Ushuaia.

Arrived in Puerto Williams, we arrived at the Micalvi marina in an anchorage to rest, have dinner, and the next day to sail to Ushuaia where our dream trip through the Fuegian Canals, Cordillera Darwin, Fjords, and Chilean Glaciers ended.