The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.

Who would have believed it! 10 record weeks of sunshine in the UK and all the time it was raining or cloudy in the Canary Islands. Well it worked out perfectly for us but not so great for our latest guests. Marcel and Anna came from the Canary Island of Tenerife to escape the bad weather as they had heard from friends about the unbelievable summer we had been having. Whereas, for the same time in the canary islands they had been having an unprecedentedly long spell of cloudy weather that locals say hadn’t been seen sop late into the summer for 30 or more years! Well unfortunately for Marcel and Anna the weather changed almost the day they arrived and they heard from family that the weather in Tenerife at the same time took a turn for the better! But Scottish weather being what it normally is we still had a beautiful trip and our guests loved every day of it.

It really doesn’t matter what the weather is on the west coast of Scotland; Its always stunningly beautiful…. Sometimes helped with a good single malt picked up on route!

And then sometimes…. just sometimes , there is a break in the clouds:

A break in the clouds


Marcell and Anne stayed aboard for a 3 week stay.

We covered some good water. Starting in Ardrossan we first visited Arran and stopped of for a round of golf in Lochranza. We then sailed south round Southend and found a quite anchor neaby, the next night before heading into more exposed water and up to the ISle of Islay. Anne was a fan of Lagavulin whiskey so that was our next stop. We spent the next week quietly exploring bays and distilleries on Islay and Jura before heading all the way north up to the Isla of Mull when we anchored near Carsaig. Continuing Up Loch Linnhe to Corran Marcell and Anne then went for a day on land and visited Glencoe. This was the furthest north we reached and then we spent the next 12 days taking a very leasurly sail back to Ardrossan. The days were filled with fishing, music (a lot of guitar and pink floyd) and the evening filled with fish and whiskey.

All in all a great trip. Lots of new anchoring spots and lots of new recipes.