Heating & Fishing

We have just had a great long weekend island hopping and fishing with Tim and his partner Janine, the owner of a Glasgow heating engineering company called Paisley Boiler Installations. (https://paisleyboilerinstallations.co.uk/) A lovely couple, we were blessed with such good company for the last 4 days. Tim is a great fisherman…. though this was the first time that he and his girlfriend Janine had been on a yacht. But they have both now found their sea legs!

We started the trip when Tim and Janine joined us on board in Largs on Thursday. On the first day we had a short sail over to Kingarth on the Isle of Bute. Friday saw us reach Lochranza in Arran, Saturday we fished and set anchor off the beautiful beaches down the coast from Cambeltown and Sunday we spent the day fishing and sailing back to Largs with an afternoon stopover on the Island of Millport.

As is the aim for our time in the UK we got to know as much as possible about our guests profession and business as possible. Where we are from in Gibraltar there is little need for gas central heating but Tim’s company is one of the many in the UK that keeps UK homes warm with hot water available at the turn of a tap. Tim runs a company of heating and gas engineers that specializes in the installation or replacement of gas boiler and central heating systems for homes and businesses. With 5 vans on the road and 5 full time engineers as well as 3 apprentices and 7 part time contractors he is one of the better sized companies in Paisley and Glasgow as a whole.

Central heating on the good ship Carrabell is quite different ……… usually there is none! 🙂 But when we are caught in colder waters there’s small heater powered by a gas bottle.

Combination hot water and central heating boilers are certainly not something we are used to! The summer, Tim tells us, is the quietest time of year for boiler installation and repair work hence the trip away with us as he takes advantage of a little down time!